A little latin lesson to survive the 21st century

Here is a little latin lesson in case we wanna show our deep culture. So, the first step in having a great culture is to know a bit of latin. But why should we need famous quotes from famous latin-speakers, so un-fashioned nowadays!? We should learn what we need, and that means we should learn to translate things we say all day long. That’s why I managed to make a little MUST list. I guess it’ll help us survive this 21st century.

i stink, therefore i am – puteo ergo sum

unleash hell – solve lora infernis

barbarian on board – barbarus in curru

jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you’re an asshole – te amat iesus, ceteri te putuant irrumatorem

you mother is so fat, when she’s in town, Rome has eight hills – mater tua tam obesa est ut cum Romae est, urbs habet octo colles

your mother is so ugly, when the gods turned her into a pig, she thought her prayers had been answered – mater tua tam turpis est ut cum di eam mutaverint in porcam, suas preces putaverit eos auduvisse

your mother is so stupid, when she found a coin with Caesar’s name on it, she tried to return it to him – mater tua tam stults est ut cum invenerit nummun ferentem nomem Caesaris, huic eum restituere conata sit

go ahead, punk, make my day – age, catamite, fac mihi hunc diem felicissimum

wassup!? – quagis!?

talk to the hand, the face ain’t listening – adloquere manum, facies nescit quid velis

make love, not war – suscipite amorem, non bellum

your head may explode – fieri potest ut caput tuut displodatur

get outta der – eice id ex animo

whatsamatter you? – quid te sollicitat?

download the goddamn file, you bur-ridden piece of shit – assume plicam damnatam, o tu moles muscaria muscerdarum

due to global warming, my homework spontaneously combusted – orbe terrarum nimiun calefacto combustione hydrogonanthacum, pensum meum domesticum sua sponte flammam concepit

my homework was forcibly recycled by eco-terrorists – praescriptum meum domesticum per vim in fibras redactum est a sodalitate quae terrore pro Terra utitur

what could possibly go wrong? – quid nobis infeliciter fieri potest?

the devil made me do it – diabolus me coegit peccare

suck my aqueduct – suge meum aqaeductum

And some bonus must-see advanced latin

go fuck yourself – futue te ipsum

go for the sake of fucking yourself – utinam tete futueres

eat shit and die – mande merdam et morere

you lucky fuckhead – salaputiun fortunatum

make it your policy to fuck yourself – tete futuito

to be continued… – narratio resumetur…

you cheap bastard – propudium parcissimum



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4 responses to “A little latin lesson to survive the 21st century

  1. normo

    -_-‘ je regrette d’avoir arreter le latin.. πŸ˜€

    make it your policy to fuck yourself – tete futuito <– the best! xD

  2. on n’apprend pas ces choses la en latin, vous inquietez pas!!! c’est vrai que l’absence de M. Depaule nous a completement destabilises, mais bon, quand meme. Il faut remercier Max Morariu d’abord. πŸ˜€ moi j’aime bien celle avec les devoirs et le rechauffement global πŸ˜€ je vais peut-etre agrandir le bonus si vous me laissez beaucoup de commentaires πŸ˜›

  3. Serban

    Stii filip, si eu ma gandeam la acelasi lucru. Bine, la mine e intradevar un pic diferit ca eu m-am lasat din prima ora (aveam un meci de fotbal care la momentul respectiv era mai important decat latina)…

    Puteo ergo sum ! super tare =))))

  4. normo

    :)) eu m-am lasat pt ca eram cu 1 an in urma si nu aveam posibilitatea sa recuperez (am incercat, dar era ft greu).. deci eram varza πŸ˜€ oricum, imi place latina, chiar daca nu o invat. πŸ™‚

    ah, oui.. MERCI, MAX! πŸ˜€ allez! commentez tous! πŸ˜€ vous voulez pas voir le bonus? πŸ˜€
    suck my aqueduct (- suge meum aqaeductum) si vous commentez pas πŸ˜€
    (c pas personnel.. πŸ˜€ c juste une blague.. ) xD

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